Why Choose Us

Why Choose

Based in Vancouver, we have deep roots in this city. We believe that values and reputation should come before capital. We understand that selling a business can be deeply personal.

A Breadth and Diversity of Experience: We have a breadth and diversity of experience and perspective in business operations. We also have extensive expertise funding both management buyouts and full vendor divestitures.

Certainty of funding: We finance our investments with a combination of bank debt and equity. We provide a high level of certainty around the capacity to close.

We are values based, local BC buyers: Based in Vancouver, we have deep roots in this city. We believe that values and reputation should come before capital. We understand that selling a business can be a deeply personal experience wrought with uncertainty and doubt. Our approach is to be fair and reasonable always and to seek out people that align with these principles.

A Breadth and Diversity of Experience: We are a team of seasoned operating and financial professionals with decades of experience. Our team has a track record of success in building and managing small and large companies. We ensure that all portfolio companies have access to the full range of the firm’s breadth of experience and intellectual resources.

Integrity: We treat people fairly and with respect in all situations.

A Deep Network: We believe in the importance of long term, trust-based relationships. Our team offers connections with a deep network of industry and financial contacts to bring value to our portfolio companies.

Value Added: We leave the day-to-day operations of the portfolio companies to management. As appropriate, we assist them in building the long-term value of the business including helping to find/attract talent to the company where gaps may exist. Our focus is on reviewing strategic initiatives, recruiting and retaining top-tier managers and providing expertise to build a scalable operation based on best practices. Under the right circumstances we help identify and evaluate acquisition opportunities.

We support essential business growth: For every company we back, our team contributes operational and financial experience and a disciplined perspective on growth to help teams focus and execute. We help with all aspects of a company’s life-cycle including accounting support, financing events, strategic relationships and planning, talent recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, business expansion and advice for any additional area of the business requiring support.

Patient and committed capital: We are long-term private equity investors with successful track records and have well-known reputations for completing transactions on the terms we initially agree to. Our team experience in private equity, venture capital, operations, accounting, marketing and sales. We are very committed to applying this experience in every business we are involved with. We invest for the long-term and are not required to sell any investments within a defined time period like many funds-based private equity groups.

We preserve the legacy of the companies we work with: We are passionate about preserving the legacy of the companies we invest in. We work closely with founders and management throughout the lifecycle of a transaction to understand how to best accomplish this as new owners.

We treat employees respectfully: We always endeavor to be a great employer who treats employees respectfully and who takes a strong interest in the long-term success of all staff and management. We aim to provide an opportunity for key management to have an equity interest in the company and we provide incredible leadership development opportunities for great people.

We have great references: We have an excellent track record of financial success and capable management references. We can introduce prospective vendors with existing partners and owners who have worked with us in the past.